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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Swimmers Get Hungry Too! - ULTRA Swimming Pool

We've been going there every weekend. Yet until the present time there has been no considerable improvement on the canteen facilities of the ULTRA swimming pool. In fact, as of late, the canteen on the separate building very near the pool has not been serving any food other than those junkies - softdrinks, chips, coffee, some and instant noodles. Perhaps, the only things that can not be classified as junkfood are the bottles of mineral water and c2. And to think that swimmers at the ULTRA are mostly there for training except during the summer when there are children enrolled in Learn-to-swim programs. These guys definitely need food to counteract the hypoglycemic state and water to rehydrate after a hard training. I wonder what the administration is planning to do. Or, are they planning to address this issue at all?

The ULTRA is not just a venue for professional athletes. It is also a place where families go for fun and fitness. It is a place where friends meet to bond and have a good time. It is a venue for corporate activities. It is also a place for developing potential sports representatives of the country to foreign competitions. It can generate funds for the government to use for other sports and recreational activities. In other words, the ULTRA swimming pool is a valuable asset to the country. I sure wish the people in the position to make a difference will do so for ULTRA and its clients.

If the ULTRA admin is incapable of managing the poolside, I'm sure Coach Efren Jocson would be glad to help. It will only take a little talk and some negotiations to tap the man.

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