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Friday, June 13, 2008

My 100th Article (For This Blog)

It's a celebration! It's a celebration of family. Let me just show you some pics about my family and friends:

Joy and the Flying Dolphins Team during their stretching prior to the Milo Novice Swim Meet 2008. The team won some of the events but until now the organizers have not given their medals (sigh*). Anyhow, my daughter and the rest of her teammates including us parents enjoyed the event. Notice where the other kids were looking and doing while Ate Joy was counting. hehehe

Our camp at Anawangin, Zambales. Beautiful place. I'm sure my sister in law, Caroline, and her family enjoyed the trip as much as we did. I just didn't like my sunburn... oooohhh...

My friend Ken had his birthday bash and blow out for passing the Nursing Board last June. A few months after, I passed the same exam. Thus, everyone in this photo are now RN's (woohoo!).

Ikee took this photo. For some reason, I like it. Anyway, all 3 of us have our own cameras because we're now going into photography. And why not? It's already a cheap hobby!

Ikee playing with our neighbor's baby who we call Jumong after the Korean hero. They're in our room. The kid's just so adorable.

I'd post more pics but blogger can't accommodate them. Anyway, I hope you liked those.

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