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Sunday, April 08, 2012

God Friday Dish

I always find it a challenge every Good Friday to serve something that does not have any pork, beef or chicken in it.  In the Philippines, For most Catholics,  Good Friday is a no-meat day.  I'm not Catholic but my husband and daughter are.  Thus, I need to prepare food that they may eat on that day.

This year, (2012), I prepared Fish and Chips the usual way with the addition of breaded okra and tzatziki sauce.   My Fish fillet recipe  was made from Cream Dory, along with some sliced okra which I had dipped in the same batter as the fish.  The chips were just fresh potatoes that I julienned and fried to a golden brown.  The tzatziki sauce is the same sauce that is sold on, prepared with fresh greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic, mayonnaise and some dill.

At night we had some fresh vegetarian lumpia with a twist.  I did the usual lumpia but instead of putting peanuts, I used garlic flavored cashew and had made some fresh egg wrappers.  They really tasted good mind you.

So, what did you have?


larry said...

used to be that my Good Fridays were filled with anticipation to eat lumpia after the procession... Happy Easter Juana, Cajugs and Ikee...

jane said...

and we miss you Larry. I was just telling about how you would come over and join us for some fresh lumpia. Those were the days. hope you can come join us again. Happy resurrection day my friend.

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