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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Debut Preparations

It's just a few months till my daughter's debut.  How time flies and I feel ambivalent.  Just the same, the feeling should be put aside first because there are things to be done for her party which we had wanted years ago.  Of course my husband is not as excited as we are or if he is he's doing a good job at keeping his excitement hidden. 

We are currently working on a budget which my husband and I had determined.  So far, we started with the theme and the motiff of the party.  It will be a masquerade.  Since Ikee likes the Phantom of the Opera which film we had watched several times already, we agreed to have that for her theme but will allow  a mixture of Parisian and Venetian designs.  Her motiff will be, of course, black, white and red which are the colors of the Phantom. 

Next off, we drew up the guest list - most of them relatives.  Some of Ikee's friends are invited of course.  We've been fortunate that some of her friends from the university she goes to will attend.  However, we promised to provide them with overnight accommodations with a warning though that it wouldn't be first class as that would be expensive. 

I wrote the program already but that will remain a secret for now.  Suffice it to say that I want it to be a unique and memorable party. We have also so far chosen a suitable venue for the occasion - the Intramuros in the City of Manila.   Along with the venue, we've started to scout for a caterer, lights and sound provider and photo and video service.

The more exciting part for me is that I have started to think of the decor and invitations.  We do want a beautiful party but we don't want to spend too much either.  This is why I'm doing some of the things that I can do.  I will make the invitation cards myself which will be a scroll with a tassel to hold it in place.  So far, I have bought pre-decorated masks that I will use to add to each table centerpiece just to set the mood.  I have also bought 3 blank full masks to decorate the stairway with.  I've opted to do this instead of buying 1 big mask.  The big ones cost thrice as much as the three small masks do. 

In summary, here's the list of what has been done so far:

*  Determined budget
*  Theme and motiff
*  Guest List
*  Program
*  Reserved Venue
*  Canvassed caterer, photovideo and lights & sound providers

*  Started with decor (masks)
*  Prototype of invitation card

Any other suggestions?  I shall update you a on the progress we make each time. 

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