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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crame Nursing Experience

I've had blast at the PNP General Hospital. Like I wrote in my evaluation of our experience, there were some bad but mostly good things that happened to me there. The bad part were mostly due to the fact that my daughter had gotten sick during my rotation. But the good part were the relationships that I had established, the learning that was derived from the exposure and the fun things that I and my group along with my other batchmates had done.

The thing that I liked most in that experience was the exposure at the dialysis center of the hospital. It was like no other as that area is highly specialized. But to us, it was just part of our rotation. God bless Capt. Michelle Ferrer or Mam Ferrer to us volunteer nurses who stuck it out with us despite our booboos. Thanks Mam!

Kudos to my groupmates Chad Francia, Maricris Sy, Luz Torres and Benj de Vera who had been so supportive and understanding. Thanks guys!

Generally, the staff and administration personnel of the Police hospital are kind and ready to help. I specially would like to mention Sir Paolo and Col. Gandia of the Dialysis center, Mam Edith of the Male Surgical Ward, and Mam Merle of the Ortho Section who were extra helpful to us. Thank you all.

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