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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Free Online Photography Tutorial

For those who would rather not enroll in photography classes that either do not suit their time or budget, like me, I'd recommend the Composition Tips of the Digital Photography School.

Yup, I've checked them out today and I'm excited to go out of the house tomorrow. For the longest time now, I have wanted to attend photography classes. Sure. But, ahem... I don't.... kjljd*90d6s9dmffiojsoidufs. Pretend to understand it will ya? At Digital Photography School, they feature articles that are suited to the novice - as in zero knowledge - to the advance hobbyists. Interesting are how the author even critiques the mistake on his own photos. Other links they have are those that will explain the basic principles of Photography such as aperture, lighting, speed, ISO, etc, etc. But that really bores me which is probably why I never got to finish any of those tutorials. Thus, when I chanced upon the composition tips which deals very casually on the basic principles, I got some tips about them too. Very nice. You just have to try it.


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Anonymous said...

Lesson #1: Focus