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Saturday, February 28, 2009

DIY or Buy?

Have you had the urge to make things on your own once you've tried out something? I always have. Like, now, I'm into this project of making my own projector. It's not something new. In fact, there are so many materials to be found on the internet. But, how many people do you think will want to make one? In case you don't know of anyone, here's your surprise - you are actually reading the blog of one such person.

When it comes to food, I am one to experiment on dishes that are either the same as something I liked or something different altogether. I broke my blender 2 weeks ago and now I'm looking for the service center to have it repaired. In the meantime, I'm using a juicer which I recently purchased. Juicing is not something new to me. I've had one juicer in the past which I also broke after some years of use. But I never really realized how much it would be worth to me until these past few years when I started was exposed to healthy diets and all that. I've been trying out combinations of vegetables and fruits. Sometimes, they turn out to be really good. At other times, ummm, let's just say I am the only one who can BARELY take it. hehehe

So far, the best combinations I've had are those with carrots, apples, pineapples, mangoes and strawberries. I've tried to juice bell pepper because I've red about how capsicum is good for the heart. Ah, but alas, even with much prodding and some scientific explanations, I was the only one who drank it.

I'm trying to get my hand on those wheatgrass which is talked about much these days due to the health benefits one gets from taking the juice. I found out about it when I was in Singapore. Oh, i know about the juice drink alright. But what I didn't know about was that it could be grown and juiced at home.

Juicing at home has its health benefits probably more than what we can get from those we find on the grocery rack. These are also good. But you know what? We discovered the Tipco Juice that claims to be 100% natural. Of course I cannot tell you that this is true because I do not have so much information about this. Nonetheless, people have professed that the juice is indeed natural. And you know what else? They have wheatgrass juice! I have been searching for this for a couple of months but i have not found one yet in the Philippines. But, the ones we got are good enough and taste superb that you wouldn't think there's any veggie in it. But, yessirree, good news for those who do not like veggies, you can get them without making your life miserable. My daughter loved it ever since she tried those in Singapore. So now, we buy a few everytime we're in the grocery.

My cousin in law says looks like the Tipco wheatgrass juice really does its work. Her daughter used to be so constipated. But now that she's taking the juice, her bowel movement has changed to become a daily habit.

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