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Friday, August 22, 2008

Will Obama's Support for the Aliens in The US Land Him in the White House?

In an article written on his immigration policy, Mr. Obama has stated that he wants the undocumented foreigners in the US to learn english, and become citizens. He also wants more visas for immigrants to be able to fill the gap which the current employers are not able to fill and to give families the chance to be together.

That's really noble. The intention there is to do good to as many people as possible. As a Filipino, I find that to be beneficial for those of our countrymen who would like to be with their families or to seek greener pasture. However, because of the current plunging economy of the US, having to accommodate more people in a country which is not able to give enough jobs to its own citizens will most likely mean more trouble. You've got to support what you have in your own backyard before you even go out to do charity work.

I don't think that this will do much good to Mr. Obama's campaign when people analyze it. What do you think?


chodirin said...

just say hello to you...

marites1034 said...

you are right in that context but as you know a lot of immigrants there who are not yet recognized as legal immigrants are working so much for the benefit of their adopted country and yet, being paid lesser than those who are supposed to be the legal citizens. tit for tat.

Amanda Leigh said...

I see both sides and then I remember everyone in America is an immigrant really. like marites says tit for tat.

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