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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hormone Beater

I used to suffer from irregular menses.  Amazingly though, now that I'm almost at the end of the 4th decade of my life, I seem to have regulated it myself thanks to diet.  So if you're like me who's been told it's the dam hormone that's causing your acne, weight gain, hair loss, etc, etc, here's help for ya:

There's a link for the leptin too so don't miss it.  

Anyway, personally what I am doing now drink Carica's Herbal berry which is rich in co-enzyme q10.  I also am currently going back to swimming.  I have yet to retrain myself to sleep early.  But then maybe not.  It's when most people are asleep that I'm able to work.  And my body clock's changed anyway so I guess it isn't that bad...

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