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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Our Sunday lunch: Tuna Panga and Ensaladang Labanos

Beginning today, I'll attempt to write about some of the food I serve on special days.  This will include sundays when I prepare something nice for the family.

Today I thought of serving something special.  I had bought two packs of Tuna Panga (jaw) from Hypermarket last week and since I want to have nice food every weekend when Ikee is home, I thought of cooking those for lunch.  However, I still needed to serve it with something really healthy.  Instead of the usual labanos ensalada (radish salad) but with yakon and sugar beets to make it really nutritious. To some thinly sliced radish, I added some fresh coriander leaves, julienned green pears and yakon.  To make the dressing I blended sugar beets, apple cider vinegar, water kefir, a bit of sugar, freshly ground pepper and sesame oil.  tossed the dressing into the mixed salad.  For dessert, we had kefir ice cream with mango toppings.  Here are some pics.  So what did you have today?

Note:  if you're in the Philippines, you can buy kefir ice cream from Yoggie's Yogurt Station.

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