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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working from Home - Me and my PC

Now that I am back to school and my tenant just left the condo unit, I had been looking for a way to earn some money. At first, I thought of doing medical Transcription. However, I thought, this would be a full time job for me and I didn't want that because it will take so much of my time which is now divided into being a mother, a wife, and a student. I want something that I can do during my free time and which will at the same time be rewarding for me.

Just as my tenant had left the unit, and I was really blowing my top because she did not inform me of the move right away, my husband suggested that I instead look for sights where bloggers are paid to write their - ummmm- blogs, what else. So, today, practically the whole day, was spent on looking for a site. There aren't too many for a Filipino blogger like myself. I came across a few which looked promising but since I am not comfortable about giving out my personal details in the web to a site which I am not familiar with, I did more searching and came across this site.

I like this site. For starters, it is one recommended by Google. So, that covers my problem of not being familiar with the site. Next, although I do know how to do webpages, I don't have the time to do the designing. Blogspot has templates which I can use to do away with HTML. Thirdly, I needed the money. As I have yet to find out if what they claim is true, I am quite sure that this site will give me some dough for my writing. Not that I'm good at it but I do like writing and lately I have been propped up on my bed trying to answer some forum questions or making an entry on another blog site. So, why not earn from it? After all, I won't be dishonest with my opinions and neither will I be influenced by anything nor anyone. I'll write about my earnings when they come.

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